Crown Sedan
Terms & Conditions
Terms, Conditions & Other Info Please review the following terms and conditions carefully. Use of this service and/or website acknowledges your willingness to be bound to the terms and conditions set without limitation in this agreement. Charter Rates Sunday – Thursday: $45 per hr (2 hr minimum) Fridays & Saturdays: $45 per hour (3 hr minimum) No-show fees: Trip cost plus applicable waiting time fees Note: Charter services are subject to a standard 20% driver’s gratuity Reservation Cancellations Made 24-hours PRIOR to reservation: No charges assessed Made LESS than the 24 hour period: Subject to 100% rate charge NOTE: We will not be held responsible for cancellation fees resulting from customer scheduling errors, incorrect information received or double-booking or unexpected emergencies. Gratuity / Tips As a customer-service based company, we acknowledge that gratuity is EARNED not expected. We entrust our clients to acknowledge their driver based on service, punctuality, appearance and the overall experience. Our hiring standards are very stringent and expectations are set at a high level to ensure all passengers receive the utmost professional service they deserve. (Standard industry gratuity is 20%) Waiting Time: Departures Waiting charges will be assessed 10 minutes AFTER the scheduled pick-up time and are assessed at an hourly rate of $45.00 which includes driver’s gratuity. NOTE: The appropriate flight number and airline information must be provided for airport arrivals/pickups. Other SMOKING shall not be permitted in the vehicles. No exceptions. LOST OR DAMAGED LUGGAGE/BAGGAGE –Crown Sedan will not be held liable and assumes no responsibility for any personal belongings left in the vehicle or lost and/or damage to luggage/baggage. UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES RESULTING IN DELAYS - Crown Sedan shall not be held responsible for circumstances that are beyond the driver’s control to include the following: Vehicle breakdowns, unforeseen weather conditions or emergency road closures. Every effort will be made to ensure the timeliness of your reservation is kept. Should your driver be late in excess of 30 minutes for any of the above-mention uncontrollable circumstances, the client may reserve the right to cancel without being subject to charges. Crown Sedan reserves the right to refuse service to any and all individuals if the issue arises concerning the health, welfare or safety of the driver and/or passengers and shall be left to the driver’s discretion. All Rights Reserved Crown Sedan & Limousine Services, LLC reserves the right to cancel services without refund if the operator, transportation method, client or other is determined by Crown Sedan or operator to be subject to harm, injury or danger in any manner by either passenger(s) or other accompanying individuals or if such passenger(s)/individuals are in possession of any illegal substance or material. No exceptions.
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